Thursday, January 20, 2005

Finally, a bit of peace and quiet

I have and hour, if Allie stays asleep, that is, before picking up the others from Montessori. Wahay! And I am choosing to spend it with you, my friends. Does that make you feel special? So, anyway, I still have a bad back/neck, but not as bad as yesterday, I think from lugging Allie around - I still have an aching arm, and also from pushing mega snowballs around the garden to make snowmen on Tuesday! So I've been taking it easy. The weather's too horrid to go out, anyway. I have been crocheting - I think I'm getting hooked (groan). Ive finished some bootees and now working on some crochet soles, as well as a crochet snowdrop fairy. Now I am beginning to understand why my grandma made SO MANY of those crocheted hairbands for us as kids!
I phoned my mum yesterday, feeling a bit pathetic and sorry for myself, with a bag of Value frozen peas stuffed down my neck, and asked her how to do treble crochet as I couldn't remember. She said "havent you got a book..." (typical teacher!) and I said yes, but I want you to tell me! so she did, and now try and stop me...
Last night I just blobbed going to the school governor's meeting without sending apologies (gasp, horror) I just don't care anymore, I think I'll give it up- time to shake off the dross from my life! (Sorry Jill P, Partner in Crime, I cant do everything; I'm not superwoman) I was going to go to the women's singing group, but didn't really feel like it. Anyway, I've been a bit put off it since I found out Pete's mum is in it and she's 15 years older than me, and does not represent the sort of "funky new friends" as Pete put it, that I envisaged hanging out with when I decided to get a social life that does not consist entirely of committee meetings and playgroups. (1 1/2 weeks off my life beginning at 40). Also, I called in to her house yesterday to pick up Mave and Pete (so they could help me lifting the baby) and walked into a stupid ongoing row about the custody of his dog, so I decided she was too bonkers. Could still go to mixed singing group tonight, if up to it. I really feel like hibernating. My mum told me I have to live every day to the full, now I'm nearly 40. LOL. It was like being told now you're 6 you can be a big girl and do your own shoelaces up.
Education: (Lol) Well Allie started to learn how to chop up a banana! Still shuffling, one or two steps managed. I think I'm getting more autonomous. Or. I should say, we are, as the kids are more self- motivated and I let them do their own thing, within reason, unless they ask. It's good to have something on standby, in case they just say "I'm bored". We've done all the thankyou letters- it's nice to have to have the time to do these things. Still haven't found any downloadable material for using with cuisinaire rods. I'm (worryingly?) relaxed about home visit next week. I have loads to talk about and show. Just dont want to fall into any traps. And I dont want them to come again. Ever. She visits this other family we know (who she talks about as if I dont know them) alarmingly often, and they seem to take a lot of advice. I dont think she knows what she's talking about, never having actually done home ed herself. I thought I might do a sort of mind-map diagram to summarise what we do at home. That will probably be sufficiently baffling! She only knows about Jem, so I'll try and keep it that way, which will be interesting when Fugs reaches 5 later this year!
O, yes, well, Jem is currently reading "Daisy May" ,which is refreshing as it is not full of "... and then the whole class was really naughty...and the poor teacher was very cross... and the children were punished and were very sorry..." crap, being about a victorian maidservant...hmm? I have found the reading list from school, last July, so this can be compared if deemed necessary.


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Yes, I feel special!

Mindmap sounds like a great idea - sure there's supposed to be a link on muddlepuddle to a cuisenaire booklet, but I can't find it just now :(

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